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Friendliness makes more money.

By Pim Pimol
Many times when I found the sale figures seemed dropdown, though it wasn't from area's economic problem. I must have taken into consideration why it happened. Sometimes, I found the drop didn't mean anything, not customers' buying habit, campaigns of competitors or even the products themselves. This might have been from some reasons but at that time we didn't know exactly what they were.

During I seek for the answer, I thought I must have done something to the dropped figures. Sellers (of the direct sales business) or dealers are the best helper. We can ask them directly what happens with their customers, but.....It may be not a good way or they don't know the truth too.In this case, friendliness can help you. Invite a group of 8-10 persons to have a home dinner party with you. (In my country, when we are the host, guests won't have to share food or money with us.) You might find something surprising there!

Once I set up a dinner party at my friend's house. (She was pleased to do so.) I had told the customers in advance I had some of new product samples to give them and this might have made more money for them.Before talking about the products, we had a special meal and chat. Then one or two of them asked me what the new products were like. Yes, this was a good opportunity to describe in details. Eat and drink together can bring you more good relationship with others. Surprisingly, I got some advice and complaints about product packages, goods delivery and others. Besides, I got a number of new orders from them when I sent them samples. One month after that the sales figures were increased. Some sellers called me directly instead of ordering goods from their heads as it had ever been.

I think a good relationship is necessary for all businesspersons. It helps you closed to customers, dealer representatives, direct sellers and prospects. Sometimes we find some new connections with ones who we ignored before.Small businesses need it!