I am an entrepreneur of a small skin care business. Share your experiences with me!

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To select a business to do, the first thing we should understand is to know ourselves; the strengths and weaknesses. People are different. Some people do a job well,others may not do that so well. The entreprenerial habits are innate machanism?It hasn't really proved yet.To know yourself is the most important thing. We should systematically consider what kind of our business will be like. It was like to search the formula of our own success.

For example, people who love contact with others may like talking in a bargain of buying. Their business should be about buying or selling or will be primarily focused on customer service Some people love hard working regardless the jobs are difficult or easy. They should go well with factory management or similar ones. Habits are the key element that will drive us to the right way.

A few people can understand that they themselves own or outstanding points. So, they keep following the others’ trend and sometimes try to copy other’s business without consider their ability When you know that. The formula of success is you'll understand what you are still missing. You will need to build up missed skills and prepare for what you should learn or practice.

Next, you will select a business type and then find any systematic components of your business. You may seek knowledge and experience your business needs or even the points make your business different from ones in the market. When you study and understand the basic operations with a complete process. It must be your business’ location. You must know where your customers mostly are. To select the location of the business will tell you how much it will succeed.

The shop image is a big bang too. It’s the first thing catching a customer's eyes, isn't it? It looks like an attractive women or good looking men. The shop’s foreground attracting viewers makes them eager to know more inside. The shop’s right characteristics can be selected by the right consumers.

Next step is about labor. “Put the right man in the right job” is still okay. Man looks a cell of an important business. Some people have money to hire people to collect, such as a financial hero who may not good at marketing. Hero of the market may not be good for sales. Hero of the sale may not be so good in the computer building business.Like we’re finding the puzzles together. Perhaps, we gradually meet them if we learn them more.

When you start doing business, one thing that should be the emphasis on is thinking and solving problems quickly. People who can survive in business must have this skill. Every business must face a problem. It requires steadiness and resolving the problem quickly and accurately. Some may be rather cautious. They can deal with the problem before the problem occurred. Problems can be solved before the accident happens. We have to know enough our business’ condition, or in fact, understand it as much as we can- to know everything!

Purposeful emphasis and commitment will result in efforts to fight against many obstacles to go through. Let’s start!