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Business Ideas? Have You Seen These 5 Great New Ideas?

Business Ideas? Have You Seen These 5 Great New Ideas?: GoArticles.combe Business Ideas? Have You Seen These 5 Great New Ideas? by Terry Kyle If you are considering your own small business or home business, you need to be aware of new business ideas and innovation from all around the world. Here are five actual new business ideas making real money today these are not just vague, random concepts. Here are five interesting new business ideas from around the world for small business or home business entrepreneurs:

1. Wearable Airbag For Motorcyclists. The "D-Air System" is a part of a specialized motorcycle jacket that deploys in 40 milliseconds when it senses that the rider is falling.
Such a technology seems likely to become mandatory for all motorcyclists to wear given the legal necessity of cars to have airbags since 1989 in the US. This looks like a classic case of a neat tech device potentially saving many lives.

2. Optical Illusion 'Truckvertising'. While advertising on large trucks like mobile billboards has been around for ages, creating clever, striking and engaging optical illusions with those advertising spaces has not. What a brilliant way to promote your new small business in your area or as a small business in itself. The trucks themselves also serve as ads for such a brilliant small business.

3. Miss Army Knife - The Female 'Swiss Army' Knife - Get It? (a.k.a. Miss A Kit) Designed for women, the Miss Army Knife, like its iconic male counterpart, features a range of tools in one utility device except for female use. Tools on the Miss Army Knife include tweezers, nail file, safety pin and corkscrew.

4. Self-Powering 'Eco-Nightclub'. Tapping into the need for energy consciousness in all aspects of our lives, one London disco - Surya - harnesses piezoelectricity (whatever that is) by generating 60% of its energy needs from its dance floor when danced on. The green entrepreneur responsible is 35-year-old property developer Andrew Charalambous who believes that his new baby is the world's first ecological nightclub. The club's slogan? "All you have to do is dance to save the world".

5. Fair Trade Vending Machines. Fair Trade products are gaining momentum in normal grocery retail channels through coffee (close to 50% of coffee sales in Tesco in the UK apparently) and sugar so the next logical step is to offer Fair Trade products through vending machines - especially in socially conscious environments at first, such as colleges and universities. This actually gives people the physical means to do nifty stuff for our world rather than them just having the vague, unfulfilled desire to help. Nice.

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